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    I wish I had more band t-shirts, and plan on expanding my collection soon. The only real rule is don’t be that guy who...
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    Who cares if the shirts are cool or uncool? The music hasn’t stopped being cool for me. Anyone who gives a shit about...
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    Band tees aren’t cool anymore? Fuck that. I’ll continue to wear my Hüsker Dü shirt and my ‘Mats shirt. Anybody who gives...
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    xojanedotcom: I love band shirts. I love my collection of band shirts.
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    A girl used to hassle me about wearing band shirts all the time. Guess which I still regularly have on my body.
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    wow this article got my blood a-pumpin
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    I kinda love Julianne's brain a whole lot so go read her article on band t-shirts and all other articles she's written.
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