Hi Julie,

I am being taken on the most perfect first date ever on Friday, and I am seriously at a loss for what to wear. The boy is taking me to dinner and karaoke, which are two of my favorite things ever. He came up with the idea without any input from me, so he’s obvs my future-husband and I need to look smokin’ so both he and I understand how fucking awesome I am.

Anyway, the issue is that I want to look hot (without going into slutty territory), but I’m going to be dancing, singing and (UGH) sweating so I need something that is both flattering and doesn’t show sweat. I’m curvy, as in big tits and child-bearing hips, and I’m kind of tall (5’8”). I would like to wear flats because he’s not that tall, so if you can find something that would look good with boots it would be perfecto mundo.

Can you help a sister out? I’ll totally send you a picture of the final product!


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